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Please post your details here if you want to help on student's films


summerfilmschool said...

Hello there….I’m a music composer here in Melbourne and I am offering my music to any film students free of charge.

Josh Royhouse
Ph 03 8710 4209
Fax 03 8710 4260
Mobile 0400 030 299

summerfilmschool said...

Actor available for short films at summer school
Ph: 0439 030 305
Hair: Light Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 189cm 6”2’
Nationality: Australian
Equity No.: 3004492
2005 films include
Leonard, “Lenny” (Short)
Alexander, “Loop” (16mm Short – Tropfest Entry)
Prisoner, “Old Man Time” (Short)
Detective, “Aperture” (Short)
Adult, “Inner child - McDonalds” (TVC)
Grieving Father, “Griefline” (Community Service Announcement TVC)
Various characters, “Television Show” (Television Sketch Comedy)
Restaurant Patron, “Irresistible” (35mm Feature)
Newsreader (Voiceover), “Freedom of the City” (VCA Production Unit adaptation)
Pierre, “Love is a Square” (Short)
Wayne, “Evil Hand” (Short – Tropfest Entry)

Email me for a pic

summerfilmschool said...

Hi, My name is Sara Williams.
I am a graduate makeup artist offering my FREE services to gain experience to any of the students who require a makeup artists skills for any upcoming film work they are doing.
Please contact me on 0414972234 or email me at
Look forward to hearing from you.

summerfilmschool said...

I am a composer with some experience making soundtracks for film. I would like to meet film makers to continue this work.
There is no charge attached to non-commercial work. Gabriel Armstrong
Contact me at :

Chris Hocking said...

I have worked as a lighting designer and production manager for the past few years, which has taken me all over the country and the world.

This year I decided to have a break from it all, and am currently studying Film & Television at University.

If you require any technical assistance with your production (lighting, sound, camera, post production, etc.) I would be more than happy to assist in any capacity required.

You can contact me via e-mail at:

Thanks for your time...


alexandra.clover said...

Hi my name is Alexandra Clover I am an actor and am available to work on summer school films at no charge.

Please contact me on if you need anyone, thanks Alex

summerfilmschool said...

Place your casting call on for free., the online casting and audition service used to recruit talent by some of the biggest names in the industry, is please to offer their services to film students at no cost. With over 10,000 talented members in Victoria alone you can cast for your student production for free on is happy to support the future of Australian film. Place your listing now

Brent Heber said...


Im a veteran audio engineer looking for some challenges to "keep the hand in" outside of my normal work hours.
Happy to negotiate very reasonable fees to help interesting projects.
Details at my web site
Sydney based, but happy to work with interstate students remotely.

Anonymous said...


I am the Australian Ex Producer of a film called MOST (The Bridge), Nominated for an Academy Award and Several other awards. MOST was an amazing experience.

I would love to help in any area available to encourage, young students, continue their journey in film making. We also train and do briefings in different areas.

Please visit us on

ALexandra Bekiaris
Ex Producer
MOST (The Bridge)

raysss said...

Hello there.. My name is Abdul "Rahim" Irham, but most people call me "Ray"..
At the moment I'm studying Advanced diploma of screen and media at Chisholm Institute in Frankston..
I'm really confidence work with camera (photo/video), and I'm looking forward to work/get more experience in industry..

My contact;


Anonymous said...

9 year old boy child-actor is available for short films at summer school. Dark blond hair, blue eyes, 137cm height, dancing stage experience, filming experience - the lead character. More info at, actor ID 38889. Please contact

Natalie Gee said...

Hi, I'm Natalie, 24, an actor looking to work on student films and/or in workshops with directors. Ive studied in New York and done lots of short films and theatre. For more info can visit and/or email me at for CV and headshot. Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers!

Campbell Stephenson said...

Hi, my name is Cam Stephenson.
I am a new actor available for any student films free of charge.
I have done quite a few small parts now including a television commercial for iPrimus.
I have also been training with screen actors.
age: 21
height: 184cm
eye colour: green/brown
hair: dark brown.
Pics of a recent photoshoot can be viewed at my facebook page:

please feel free to contact me by email or phone: 0404843538


FILMgauge said...

042 4433119

I know some TV students which are able to help.
Contact me anytime.

Andrew James Christie said...

Andrew James Christie
Film Composer

Email -
Phone - 0421 562 021
Website -

Here's a link to my showreel:

Andrew James Christie said...

My name is Andrew Christie. I work in a recording facility in Burwood called Bakerstreet Studios. While we offer the usual services of a recording studio, the stream of the business I run is music creation, with a keen emphasis of Film & TV Scoring. I'm contacting you because we have recently introduced a student price for our Film-scoring services. I work with numerous young and passionate singer/songwriters helping them realise their artistic vision, so I don't see why that can't be readily available for enthusiastic film students who are looking for experience working with a qualified film composer.

Here are my contact details:

Andrew James Christie - Composer/Arranger
Email -
Phone - 0421 562 021
Website -

Here's a link to my showreel:


Anonymous said...

Child Actor (female) 12 years old available for volunteer acting positions.

Is fun loving and enjoys acting (fair complexion and long curly hair). Has had previous experience in student films and attends weekly drama/acting classes.

Further details (headshot and CV) available by email.

Adele Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Hi, My name is mina, i would be interested in helping you guys in any of your films. i'm an actor & my best contact is, 0402224435.

Mina Tadros

Alisha13 said...

22 year old girl actress available for student films and productions. My showcast link is Please email with any enquiries

departures said...


I am a Vancouver Film School Graduate of Makeup Design for Film and Television, (Canada), however, I have just relocated to Melbourne and would love to get involved with the film community.

I am familiar with production, makeup, and acting/on screen.

Please contact me if you need anyone to help out or do anything your thinking of. I just want to get involved in FILMS MELBOURNE! :)

phone: 0449207610
Call, sms, or email anytime. :)

Carli Jones said...

Hi, My name is Carli and I'm an actor looking to work on student films and/or in workshops with directors.
I've studied in New York, Italy and Australia. I'm experienced in Film, Theatre, Commercial, children's theatre and corporate acting.

For more detailed information:

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Carli :)

Sven Tydeman said...

Hi Guys,

I am an award winning songwriter / composer based in Sydney. I am seeking some documentaries and or short films / films that I can compose music for - I am not seeking pay.

Please visit

Look forwards to hearing from you.

Sven Tydeman
0449 250 653

Anonymous said...

Fellow filmmakers if you need music for your films or productions contact me NOW on 0416 197 675 or I am able to create any style of music!!