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Jack said...
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Got talent? Here's your chance to flaunt it! The producers of a groundbreaking soon-to-be launched worldwide talent competition are looking for eye popping content from around the world. From the zany to the sublime — opera divas, drama queens, comics, little Warhols and apprentice Hitchcocks will soon have their chance at a global audience.  

What are we looking for? We think you are the best judge of that… Maybe you've got an eye for something odd or crazy that the world should see. Maybe you know someone who has a genuine or bizarre talent. It can be real, it can be fiction, it can even be really bad (because even bad can be good!). If you have a camera or know someone who does, get out there and film it. What are you waiting for? Take your best shot — it's free. It's fun. And you could become instantly famous when we launch the beta-site to the world!

For a free application, please send an inquiryto:
The subject line should read: attention: The Producers.  

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Nadia Tass SUGGESTED READING LIST for Directing Actors

Elia Kazan – A Kazan Reader
Michael Chekhov – To The Actor
Stella Adler – The Technique of Acting
John Hodgson & Ernest Richards – Improvisation
Brian Bates – The Way of the Actor
Naremore – Acting in the Cinema
Albright Wadsworth – Acting The Creative Process, 2nd Edition

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Hello, I am a musician and I understand that Student/Independent filmakers trying to find music for their films often run into the problem of licensing fees being extremely costly. I am offering music from the band Officer Roseland for FREE to these filmmakers.
Officer Roseland has had songs featured on Comedy Central, The Weather Channel and The Sundance Film Festival. Your benefit is music for your film and ours is exposure to a wider audience. We only ask for credit of the songs used. All songs can be found at or
from itunes. For more information please email or call me. Thank you. Dan Daidone

Dan Daidone

tygmont said...


I am writing to offer my skills and time as a film score writer for film students.

> about me
I am an accomplished musician, with years of experience in music creation. I have vast theoretical knowledge and the ability to translate emotion and imagery of film into music.

At preset, I am composing a symphony with the aim of publishing, teach music and have a number of varied music projects in progress.

> the offer
I see this as an opportunity to create specific compositions for film that will be mutually beneficial and also to gain valuable experience in working in this field. I am, therefore, looking forward to collaboration with talented film students, volunteering my time and music to their films at no cost.

> further info.
If you would like to discuss this further please don’t hesitate to contact me, or pass on my details to students who you feel may be interested.

Kind regards

sid szydelko | composer | home 01484 538350 mob 07731413030
23 milford court | milford street | huddersfield | hd1 3dy

summerfilmschool said...

Hi there,

My name is Joanne Higginbottom and I am a music composer currently studying Creative Music Technology and Composition at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama based in Cardiff, United Kingdom.

I am extremly interested in writing music for film. I write every sort of music depending on the brief, anything from popular music to instrumental scores for orchestra, ensemble or solo instrument; to electro/acoustic soundscapes. My specialty is electro/acoustic compositions and I compose often for Art spaces and sonic art recitals. I thoroughly enjoy writing for horror films and have a full working studio based at home.

If you are ever interested in getting original music composed for an independant/ student film please do not hesitate to email me,

Thank you for your time and I look forward to possibly working with you in the future.

Many Thanks,

Joanne Higginbottom

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summerfilmschool said...
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robert matano said...

i am looking for a vietnamese film student to collaborate with on a film script.

Mikarla and David said...
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Starnow said...

Place a free casting call on and be into win $1000! has over 900,000 actors, extras, models, dancers, musicians, photographers and more. Talent of all ages, appearances, experiences and locations available now. Simply place your free casting call in 2009 and you could walk away with $1000.

This is open to all film students.

summerfilmschool said...
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regular deadline March 5

Why should you submit your script to Scriptapalooza?

Grand Prize: $10,000
We do accept scripts by EMAIL
2 writers got their scripts made into movies by LifeTime
2 writers this year got their scripts optioned
All the reading is done by 90 production companies
Entertainment Weekly Magazine calls us 'One of the Best'
We promote the winners, runners-up, finalists and semifinalists for a full year
We are considered one of the best screenplay competitions by agents, managers and producers

About Scriptapalooza:

The Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition, was founded in 1998, and has generated heat, publicity and a reputation that demands respect. Scriptapalooza, Inc., along with its various divisions was created to nurture talent and create opportunities. Storytellers come from all over the world and from all walks of life, because of the simple fact that everyone has a story. Scriptapalooza’s goal: to seek out that storyteller and honor their script with a grand prize of $10,000. Each year dozens of production companies and literary representatives sign on as participants to read our winners, resulting in many scripts being optioned, sold or outright bought.

Questions? Comments? call the office 323.654.5809
or email us at

Mark Andrushko

summerfilmschool said...
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summerfilmschool said...


In the next 1-2 weeks , I am looking for a competent camerman to come and shoot on location for a Health Fitness and Entertainment Show. The sooner the better

The work will be for approximately 1 hr at a time, and at this stage once – twice a week. At times with the more high profile work, this will be 2-3 hours
The show is an internet based show, though the guests I have are all very well known in there industries, as you will find out.

A brief of some of the locations you would be involved in, are on photo shoots, in the gym, on the road, and covering events.

The photo shoot material is with Australias top photographer who covers alot of campaigns, on going editorial shoots, calenders and high profile events. Your involvement would be with each one, which is very nice to put on your resume

In the gym you would be involved with filming training, fitness models interviews, and backstage candid interviews at competitions.

These are just two of “many” adventures in the program.
Occasionally I will be travelling to other states, and all expenses will be covered

As much fun as this show sounds, it is important to be professional on the set, as this show has alot of potential to go further.
The most important thing I ask, is that you have a suitable camera to come and work with. The reason is that we will be working with professionals in there respective industries, and each individual has made a name for themself.

So please no handicams. This doesnt mean you need a $10,000 camera, but just a camera that looks professional

A few of the benefits that you will recieve with this project are:

- All segments filmed by yourself will be credited on each episode

- You will recieve alot of exposure and meet some excellent contacts

- These segments will be circulated in many different avenues, which means your name gets seen more often

- You will gain alot of valuable experience and confidence, and learn how to promote yourself

- There is quite a possibility that this show will get picked up sooner than later for television. It is a unique concept that has not been done before

For further information please email me at,
or through Facebook under Yoram Pohl (this way you can see who I am)

Thankyou, and I look forward to hearing from you

Yoram Pohl

summerfilmschool said...

Scriptapalooza Television Writing Competition


Scriptapalooza TV has seen major success in their 9 years...2 writers won Emmys,
numerous writers have gotten agents, managers and meetings.

The four categories include existing 1 hour shows like Merlin, True Blood and CSI.
Existing half hour sitcoms like The Office and Two and a Half Men.
Original pilots and reality shows. (for reality shows we would like a 1-5 page synopsis only)

Supported by the Writers Guild of America west and the Writers Guild of Canada.

323.654.5809 office


summerfilmschool said...
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summerfilmschool said...
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summerfilmschool said...

Short film competition being launched, hope your students or graduates can get involved.The competition is called the 'Clever Film Comp' and is being run in association with our client Toyota.

In short, the brief for the competition is:

- A 30 second - 3 minute short film which features a Toyota Yaris, is about a Toyota Yaris or contains reference to a Yaris visually, verbally or otherwise.
- The theme for the competition is 'Clever'.
- Short films are to be uploaded to our competition page on YouTube where the most popular 10 films become finalist.
- 1st, 2nd, 3rd will be chosen by a panel of judges from the top 10 finalists.
- Cash prizes as follows: 1st prize = $7,000 2nd prize - $2,000 3rd prize = $1,000

Hopefully this is a good incentive to get students/graduates involved along with the chance to apply their creative talents to the theme of our competition 'Clever'.
S&S also do a new directors showcase following Cannes each year, so as an Agency we are active in scouting new talent.

The aim is to have a range of clever, entertaining short films with viewing appeal by the general public - total creative license to the students.

I'd like to ask if it would be OK if I emailed you the brief once finalised early next week to be forwarded to the students or graduates ?
Of course, participation is totally up to them.

Thank you.

Paul Dennis | Business Director | Saatchi & Saatchi Australia
Direct: +612 8264 1214 | Mobile: +61 447 393 069

RUSSIA said...

Hey there,
We are a Melbourne rock band called Russia, looking for a short film or a music video to put to our new single (approx 3-4 minutes).

If you, or if you know of anyone who would be interested in this project please drop us a line on
or on myspace,


Shane said...


Hi im Shane. I am completing a degree in Jazz at ANU and am getting exited about writing for film.

From the weird and wonderful avantegard and atonal music, Bebop, emotive heart wrenching solo music, fat brass sounds, Soundscapes, beautiful, Funksections, Rock sections, Hardcore Metal and more.

I have access to a few audio studios and many musicians for differing genres who are willing to work with me on these projects.

I can also do sound for your film
ie effects.

Im not charging at the moment. Im just looking for interesting projects of any size.


Nico said...

Film scoring student looking for film production student!

You can see some of my latest work on

or hear some of my compositions on

Looking forward for collaborations!

summerfilmschool said...


Win $10,000 of video production kit and other great prizes.

The America’s Cup Video Production Competition invites all persons less than 28 years of age to submit a unique video clip demonstrating creative production techniques.

The competition winner, as chosen by a panel of extreme sports and social media leaders, will get to choose from prizes that include a top of the range Apple MacBook Pro, installed with the latest video editing software, to a high-end, HD video camera.

Visit for details.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
Scott Robinson

summerfilmschool said...

Hey all you TV writers, this is your chance to change the way you watch TV!

Scriptapalooza TV has seen major success in their 12 years.

- 2 writers won Emmys
- Andrew Colville wins WGA award
- Finalist writes for Comedy Central
- numerous writers have gotten agents, managers and meetings

for the most recent headlines:

for an application:

for a list of the producers that are onboard:


Accepting pilots, sitcoms, one hour dramas and reality shows.

323.654.5809 office

Anonymous said...

We would like to offer your students the opportunity to win “Fame & Fortune”. To support the launch of our new ‘nothing but’ range we are running this campaign with a call out for young, hip & funky film makers to submit a 30 second TVC.

Could you please bring the opportunity to the attention of your students? The top prize is over $5000 and free nudies!

So here is their chance…all details are attached.

Good luck & Go nudie!

Martin Killips
Webman nudie
nudie foods australia pty ltd
77 corish circle
eastgardens nsw 2036
p. 02 9316 3721
f. 02 9316 3799
m. 0403 335505

I know you want my coconuts!

summerfilmschool said...

On Sunday 17th October from 6:00pm to 9:00pm the team at LateNite Films will be putting together a live streaming event, allowing anyone with an Internet connection to tune in to a script reading session for their latest feature film project, SHOTGUN! An amazing cast, including Samuel Johnson (of Rush and Secret Life of Us fame), will be reading the script in front of a live audience under the guidance of writer/director Alistair A E Marks. This is a rare sneak behind the scenes of an exciting independently funded feature film as the filmmakers take the final steps getting the film from development to pre-production. For further information please visit

Achala said...

Mind Blowing Films in association with Western Union are pleased to announce the Western Union Short Film Competition as part of the Indian Film Festival Bollywood and Beyond 2011.

Theme for this year is ‘DREAM”.
This is your chance to present your ideas, your vision and display your skills in creating a short film for the competition and WIN A TRIP TO INDIA

Check out to view these details to submit your entry to the Western Union Short Film Competition.

summerfilmschool said...

Ford invites Australians to drive, film and compete to win an all-new Focus in the
Focus Ultimate Test Drive Experience

May 23, 2011 – To celebrate the launch of the all-new Focus, Ford in conjunction with is giving twelve lucky Australians the opportunity to drive, film and compete to win an all-new Ford Focus before it hits showroom floors in the Focus Ultimate Test Drive Experience.

The lucky twelve participants will be selected to engage in six driver tests over a six week period, whilst filming and blogging their experience. The content will be showcased on the website and the individual’s Facebook pages.

During the competition the Australian community can follow their favourite driver on Facebook and, and vote to select who should win their own Ford Focus and become an official Focus ambassador.

“The all-new Ford Focus raises the bar for Australian consumers by putting a world of intuitive technology, dynamic design and advanced performance at your fingertips,” said David Katic, Ford Australia General Manager Marketing.

“Finding a new car that suits your needs can be a difficult process. By partnering with Australia’s number one automotive sales website for the Focus Ultimate Test Drive Experience, we’re giving Australians the chance to get behind the wheel and test the difference in a car that ticks all the boxes so they can share their findings with the rest of the country.”

To register your interest in taking part in the Focus Ultimate Test Drive Experience for the opportunity to win the all-new Ford Focus, simply visit and submit a 30 second video or a photo and text review of something you are passionate about.

The Ford Focus Ultimate Test Drive Experience campaign will run from May 20 to August 17 2011 across the carsales' network of automotive websites.

The twelve lucky participants will be notified between Saturday June 18 and Friday June 24 2011 before getting behind the wheel of the Focus from July 2. The overall winner will be announced on August 17 2011.

summerfilmschool said...

ATOM Awards Entries Have Been Extended!!
Due to overwhelming demand, the entries for the 2011 ATOM Awards have been extended.
Online submissions will now be accepted until 5pm AEST, Thursday 16 June 2011.

Please note that all footage MUST be received by the ATOM Awards team no later than Monday 20 June.
If footage is not received by Monday 20 June, it cannot be included in the judging process.
What Do You Need to Know about Entering?
1. You have to enter online - visit

Michael Armitage said...

Looking for original music for your short film?

My name is Michael Armitage, a Melbourne based composer / musician with a passion for scoring film and animation.

I would like to offer my services to anyone in need of original music for their short films or animations. I understand that students are most likely not in a position to be able to pay composer's fees. As I too am starting out in the industry, I'm happy (for the moment) to consider working for little or no fee, depending of course on the nature of the project and the amount of work required.

Check out my website for further information and listen to some examples of my music.

Please feel free to get in touch with me via the contacts page if you'd like to discuss a particular project or if you have any general questions:

Kind regards,

Michael Armitage

summerfilmschool said...

Rottofest goes green to Keep Australia Beautiful

The Search for Australia’s Funniest Filmmakers returns to Rottnest Island, Western Australia on September 3rd - 4th as part of the 3rd annual Rottofest. Rottofest is a weekend festival dedicated to showcasing the nation’s funniest upcoming filmmakers and stand-up comedians.

The Search for Australia’s Funniest Filmmakers contains two categories:

Funniest Skit – Up to 3 minutes in length. Australia (Prize $500).

Funniest Film – Between 3 to 15 minutes in length (Prize $1500).

Rottofest is also proud to announce a partnership with Keep Australia Beautiful’s “Trash My Ad 2011” to offer prizes for the best anti-litter ads.

TV Category
Secondary School Winner (Prize $1,000) 18 – 25 year old Winner (Prize $1,000)
People’s Choice Award
TV (Prize $500)

Radio Ad Category
Secondary School Winner (Prize $1,000) 18 – 25 year old Winner (Prize $1,000)
People’s Choice Award
Radio (Prize $500)

Selected skits, comedy short films and Trash My Ads will be showcased during Rottofest 2011 with the award ceremony being held on Sunday the 4th.

The entry form for comedy filmmakers is available on

The entry form for Trash My Ads is available on

For more information: Ronan Freeburn (Festival Director) Phone: 0416 922 469 Email: Web:

Chris Pehrson said...

Hi There,
Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Chris Pehrson, a music composer and producer and I'd like to offer my services.

Check out for more info.

Please take a moment to listen to some of my work, anything you can
hear on my website is available as an 'off the peg' offering. That
said, I'd be very happy to make minor alterations to make it fit your purpose.
Alternatively I can write music for you from scratch, with as vague or
explicit brief as you like.

Although I have been making music for many years, I am just starting
out as a commercial composer, so for now, I am offering my services
free of charge.

Many thanks for reading!

Kind regards,

summerfilmschool said...

Screening + Q&A with Israeli Film Director Samuel Maoz
Sunday 27th November 2011 2:00pm-5:00pm
Meet Samuel ‘Shmuel’ Maoz, Director of the international award-winning film ‘Lebanon’ at this exclusive event. Film screening will commence at 2:00pm, followed by an intimate Q&A session with Samuel.
Location: ACMI Cinema, Federation Square Melbourne
Tickets: or ph: 03 9670 3500

Kristen said...

Hi there,

My name is Kristen Virag. I am a solo singer/songwriter looking for students who are studying film making to film one of my live performances. I do not own a video camera, and am not in the financial position to hire a very expensive professional film maker, so I thought perhaps students of yours may be looking for an opportunity to get some experience at a discounted rate.

The video will be used for promotional material on YouTube. The gig is on Sunday June 10th at 4:30pm. I will be playing between 35-45 minutes and I would like the whole performance recorded. I am willing to pay a maximum of $100.
If you know of anyone who would be interested in this, could you please either give them my contact details, or forward this information
Thanks very much!

Kind regards,

Kristen Virag

Sam Kanj said...

As a former student of Film School myself it helped me and paved the way for my career in the film industry.

I have recently produced a feature film called The Day Hollywood Died and recently after being selected to screen at ECU European int. Film Festival in Paris had its premiere in HOYTS EQ on May 4.

Due to popular demand, I can now announce that we have further screenings.


1.Saturday June 16th at HOYTS Wetherill Park at 6:30pm

2. Friday June 29th at HOYTS Victoria Gardens (VIC) at 6:30pm

There will be a Q & A session as well and you will have the opportunity to chat with the producer, writer and director of this small yet engaging film which was shot in 9 DAYS for $5K

It would be great to see people attend and witness that anyone with a love for film making can do it, no matter what the budget is.

I look forward to meeting you there.


Myat Khine Oo said...


My name is Myat Khine Oo and I am part of a team of independent producers. We are currently looking for motivated film school students to collaborate with us in a development of a new Australian feature film.

Please send us your details and a plot synopsis to if you are interested in participating.

colin mclean said...

Hi everyone my name it Colin am a musician from Melbourne.
I have a passion for music and i would like to offer any film students FREE OF CHARGE music for there film projects.
Thank you.
Colin McLean.
Web Page.
Mobile 0406636541

Unknown said...

Hello all.
I'm a songwriter who is looking for someone/someone's who may be interested in making a short film around a song? I have an album coming out soon and love the idea of a film being constructed around a song.

You can find info about me at



Valérie Delaney said...


I am a composer who collaborated in the past 3 years with students from the animation department of The Concordia University based in Montreal, Canada. Amongst them, Emma Michelle Owen, Alexandre Martini, Alexander Boyadjiev and Jejomaila Garcia.

Since I retain all the rights to my compositions and finding royalty free music is not easy, I wanted to allow students directors to use my work or excerpts of it in their films, as long as they mention my name under ''music by'' in the end credits, or the name of the piece used, as well as my name if only a musical excerpt is used.

Here are some pieces available :

To get a wave file of a piece, please contact me at

Thank You for forwarding this message to your directors!

Best Regards,

Valérie Delaney